Team Singapore takes 3rd place in regional cosplay championships

Cosplay isn't as simple as putting on a costume and sashaying around on a stage.

Just ask Mr Jovi Lum, 22.

Mr Lum, who is in national service, had to train like an athlete to dress up as True Ogre, the character from video game Tekken.

He went jogging in the bulky costume to make sure he could endure the heat build-up inside, practised rolls in it to improve his mobility, and even watched his diet so that he could fit comfortably into the one-piece foam suit.

But his greatest achievement was making the costume entirely by hand.

It took about three months to put the costume together, using material like PVC tubing, sponge foam and rubber.

The effort seems to have paid off - Mr Lum, and his teammate, teacher Tessie Tan, 26, picked up the third prize for Singapore in the Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championship at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sunday.


The cosplay contest saw teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam compete for a top prize of $700 cash, air tickets to Japan and a Canon digital camera.

Miss Tan, who dressed up as Tekken character Zafina, said she had to approach the cosplay performance like an athlete as well.

"I had to do a lot of stretches because I haven't done regular exercises for the past 10 years," she admitted.

The pair won $300 and a Canon digital camera.

The top prize went to the team of Mr Rian Cahyadi, 21, and Mr Wijaya, 25, from Indonesia, who dressed up as characters Raiden and Samuel from the video game series Metal Gear.

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