Teen hurt 3 Chinese nationals in Woodlands

SINGAPORE - A teenager hurt three Chinese nationals as they were cycling past him early one morning in Woodlands.

Raaga Deepan Anbalahan, 18, then a delivery assistant, grabbed the handle bar of Yang Jian Liang's bicycle and subsequently punched the 47-year-old on the face before running away.

He admitted to one of three charges of causing hurt, with the other two taken into consideration.

A Community Court heard that Mr Yang and his two friends were cycling along Woodlands Avenue 8 at about 2.10am on June 4 when he saw Raaga walking ahead of them.

As the victim was about to cycle past the teenager, Raaga turned around suddenly and grabbed the victim's handle bar.

He uttered some words which the victim could not understand. Mr Yang then gestured to the youth with his hands, indicating that he wanted to go home and offered the boy the use of his bicycle.

When Mr Yang was alighting from his bicycle, Raaga punched him in the face and ran off. The victim gave chase and managed to detain the teenager at the void deck of Block 780C Woodlands Dew. He called the police.

The victim suffered a bruised nose and one tooth became loose.

Raaga had apparently attended a birthday party earlier and consumed 12 glasses of hard liquor.

His lawyer said Raaga was going to Woodlands Circle but did not have enough money. He wanted to seek financial help from the victim.

Due to a miscommunication, the lawyer said the victim grabbed his client's shirt and the youth then punched him.

The court heard that the medical fees of the three men came up to $449.

District Judge Mathew Joseph called for a probation report on Dec 10.

The maximum penalty for the offence is two years' jail and a $5,000 fine.

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