Teenage girl killed in knife attack in Taiwan

Prosecutors in Chiayi County were yesterday seeking the arrest of a 25-year-old man accused of killing his 16-year-old girlfriend.

According to police reports, the suspect, surnamed Chang, attacked his girlfriend, surnamed Wu, with a pair of scissors after the two had an argument in Chang's residence on Saturday in Chiayi's Taibao area.

Authorities found the victim lying in a pool of blood.

Attempts to resuscitate her at the hospital were unsuccessful, reports cited by the Central News Agency said.

The police indicated that the couple became acquainted online over three months ago and began dating formally for one month.

The victim visited the suspect regularly, making the journey from Tainan to Chiayi.

Chang said that both he and Wu had just taken ketamine and engaged in sexual intercourse.

After showering, he discovered Wu upset and in tears. The two started to argue.

Chang said he heard a voice in his head saying: "if you don't kill your girlfriend, you'll be the next one to die."

He picked up a pair of scissors and began to attack Wu.

Chang's mother, who was downstairs during the incident, notified the police and said that she had forbade the two from dating due to her son's erratic behaviour.

She added that she was unable to control the two from meeting furtively.

Police arriving on the scene discovered Chang naked and pointing the scissors at them.

Chang was later subdued by additional police manpower, the CNA said.

Investigations yesterday afternoon by the police revealed that Wu had been stabbed over 50 times, with the fatal 15x6-centimeter wound entering the victim's neck area.

Lacerations were also discovered on her back, face and head.

Police believe that Chang's testimony regarding his hallucinations leading up to the stabbings is a ploy to avoid a murder charge.

Prosecutors have sought Chang's arrest on the grounds of homicide and intention to flee.