There's nothing to croak about

SINGAPORE - For the water-loving frogs at Jurong Frog Farm, the past few months have not been the most pleasant.

The dry weather means that the farm's water supply is fast dwindling.

As a result, the 1.2ha farm at Lim Chu Kang has started using water from the PUB for the first time in 20 years.

A 13m-deep well, which supplies the farm's water needs, is drying up. The well collects rainwater and it used to be filled to the brim.

Said farm manager Chelsea Wan: "I'm not sure how much more it (the water bill) will cost for now, but this dry spell will definitely raise our costs."

The farm supplies American bullfrogs, frog legs, hashima (frog fallopian tubes) and fish locally.


It has been trying to increase its production of frogs by raising them from tadpoles, but it has not been so successful this year.

"We started raising the tadpoles since the middle of last year and it was quite successful at first because it was raining a lot," said Miss Wan.

In the past months, however, the tadpoles have been growing at a slower rate.

"We reduced the feeding portions so that the water wouldn't be contaminated and we wouldn't have to change the water so often," she explained.

Some frogs are also kept in air-conditioned rooms.

Water is of utmost importance for frogs because they breathe through their skin, which is moist.

"We have also stopped mating frogs and will wait until the dry spell is over," said Miss Wan.

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