Things get hairy in Blogger vs Salon

SINGAPORE - It started with an e-mail message from a blogger asking for a free hairdo from a local salon. It has exploded into an online spat, with threats sent to the salon and the blogger claiming that her account was compromised.

Lacoco Korean Hair Salon Vivocity received an e-mail message in September, stating that the blogger, Ms Janice Leong, was "very interested in working attaining a beautiful me".

Mr Conrad Chua, the salon's marketing director, cut short the communications after deciding that the blogger's writing style was unsuitable.

Things turned ugly on Nov 11 when Mr Chua got an e-mail message from the blogger's account, calling him "a jerk". It gave him 24 hours to acknowledge her request or risk seeing the salon's reputation damaged through the blog.

Mr Chua, who is in his early 40s, posted that message on his Facebook page. The post has since been shared on various platforms, including citizen-journalism website Stomp which had over 18,500 views.

"I hope this is a lesson learnt in upholding civil behaviour and professional courtesy," said Mr Chua.

The blogger said on Facebook that she was under "cyber attack" and that the e-mail message was sent without her knowledge. Her blog has since been taken down.

Speaking in general terms, blogger Jayne Tham, 24, said: "I feel that bloggers shouldn't aim for freebies. It's a bonus but never the end-goal."

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