Thomson sperm mix-up case: Mum can sue for expenses of raising daughter

A woman who was impregnated with another man's sperm instead of her husband's by mistake at a fertility clinic is entitled to sue for the expenses of raising the child she conceived, the High Court has ruled.

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Here's an excerpt of Justice Choo Han Teck's judgment published on Feb 25, 2014:

What I now say may not be a principle in law, but I believe that it is a treasured value in humanity, and that is that no parent would want her child to grow up thinking that she (the child) was a mistake.

Were the plaintiff to succeed in the Upkeep Claim, whether in tort or in contract, every cent expended in the upbringing of Baby P (as the child is known in the lawsuit) will remind her that it was money from a compensation for a mistake.

Baby P should not ever have to grow up thinking that her very existence was a mistake. If there is any reason for not pursuing or granting the Upkeep Claim, the emotional wellbeing of Baby P is reason enough.