Thousands to gather for SG50 event on Sunday

Volunteers, beneficiaries and partners at the Library@Esplanade for a briefing on the “CDCs Celebrating Communities” event, which will take place on Sunday at Marina Bay. With them are four mayors: Dr Maliki Osman (South East District), Ms Low Yen Ling (South West District), Ms Denise Phua (Central Singapore District) and Dr Teo Ho Pin (North West District).

Kindergarten pupil Aran Arul is only five years old but he already knows how important it is to take care of the environment.

Yesterday, he rattled off a list of steps he and his parents are taking when The Straits Times asked what he has learnt from an ongoing green initiative, called Go Green With Betty The Butterfly.

Recycling, saving electricity, and regularly changing water in vases to prevent mosquito breeding, he said.

On Sunday, he will be one of 20 pupils from the PAP Community Foundation's Sparkletots Woodlands centre, who have gained from the project, attending a parade and brisk walk organised by the five community development councils (CDCs) to mark Singapore's Golden Jubilee.

The green project, launched last year to raise awareness about the environment among North West CDC pre-schoolers, will be one of 25 CDC programmes showcased at the event.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will flag off the 2.5km walk at Marina Bay, which will pass by landmarks such as the Esplanade and Jubilee Bridge. The event will also feature live performances.

The five mayors - Dr Teo Ho Pin (North West District), Mr Teo Ser Luck (North East District), Dr Maliki Osman (South East District), Ms Low Yen Ling (South West District) and Ms Denise Phua (Central Singapore District) - will also take part, along with more than 5,000 partners, volunteers and beneficiaries.

The parade will feature mobile exhibits and placards of community projects, and is meant to allow volunteers from different districts to interact with each other.

Speaking to the media yesterday ahead of Sunday's event, Dr Teo, who chairs the Mayors' Committee, said: "Over the last 18 years, the CDCs have implemented various programmes...and we've formed many communities of like-minded people, coming together to pursue their interests.

"This is a time when we bring all these different segments together to celebrate."

Dr Maliki said: "We hope that Singaporeans - not just those who are part of the programme - will come and see the energy that exists in various communities. That, really, is the spirit of what 50 years of Singapore is all about."

This article was first published on May 27, 2015.
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