Ties with PAP cordial, says Dr Tan

Ties with PAP cordial, says Dr Tan

SINGAPORE - Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock said his relationship with his former party, the People's Action Party (PAP), remains "very cordial" even though he was uninvited from a People's Association (PA) party.

Asked by MyPaper over the weekend what the incident signifies about his relationship with the PAP, Dr Tan said: "It's still very good. I enjoy having a lot of friends in the PAP, although they are mostly former MPs.

"It's very cordial with the leadership. If they want to behave whichever way, so be it. But I'll still treat them like my friends."

He said he accepted that the rescinded invitation happened because of a change in policy. Said Dr Tan in Singlish: "If people don't invite you, then don't go, lor."

On Saturday, Dr Tan posted on his Facebook page that the PA had withdrawn its invitation to him for its Chinese New Year garden party at the Istana, which took place last evening.

He said PA deputy chairman Lim Swee Say phoned and e-mailed him last month to say that there had been a change in policy, which meant that only the advisers to grassroots organisations who stood down at the 2011 general election would be invited.

Dr Tan stepped down as a PAP MP and PA grassroots adviser at the 2006 election.

Mr Lim said on Facebook that the PA had used an old guest list instead of an updated one, and expressed surprise that Dr Tan brought up the matter publicly.

The PA is the apex body for grassroots organisations, and all PAP MPs become the advisers for grassroots groups in their wards.

In opposition-held wards, the adviser is not the MP but the PAP candidate who lost in the last election.


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