Tiles in flat's living room pop out and dislodge on their own

The tiles in the living room of a flat at Block 656, Jelapang Road suddenly popped out and dislodged from the floor on its own.

A contributor to citizen journalism website Stomp said the the incident occurred in her aunt's flat on Friday morning, Feb 6.

It affected the living room area of the unit.

In a phone conversation with Stomp, she said: "At about 9am on Friday, my aunt, who was with her baby at that time, heard grinding sounds coming from the living room of her flat.

"She thought the sound was from renovation works upstairs, but as she was standing in the living room, she suddenly felt herself floating upwards!

"She rushed out of the flat immediately, and that was when the tiles in the living room burst and dislodged."

"The flat was bought in 2000 and if I'm not mistaken, and because of recent policy changes no compensation can be given to my auntie as the flat is 15 years old," she added.

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