Tipsy, he bashes strangers

Tipsy, he bashes strangers

He had been drinking and dancing at Naughty Girl Pub in Orchard Towers.

When a group began attacking three foreigners on March 6 last year, Muhammad Suhaimi Rosli thought nothing of joining five others to kick and punch the victims.

Suhaimi, 24, was yesterday sentenced to one month's jail for being part of an unlawful assembly.

His lawyer, Mr Paul, said that his tipsy client had taken part in the assault without knowing the reason for it.

Said Mr Paul: "He (Suhaimi) can aptly be called an accidental rioter. They (Suhaimi and another friend) had no idea what had transpired."

Deputy Public Prosecutor Cheryl Seah had agreed with Mr Paul that Suhaimi - who was the third person to be sentenced in this case - had not been the ringleader.

Two others were sentenced for rioting. Feroz Ismail, 26, got 22 weeks' jail while Serena Sazali, who was the first in the group to face the music, was given six months' jail.


Serena and five men had attacked two foreigners - French national Eric Georges Martins, 46, and Romanian Viliman Daniel Vasile, 24.

It was previously reported by The New Paper that the two foreigners had been dancing beside Serena and an accomplice at about 6.25am.

Without any reason, another man from Serena's group kicked Mr Vasile.

He was kicked repeatedly as he tried to stand. When Mr Martins tried to protect Mr Vasile, he was attacked by Serena and three accomplices.

The group also attacked Mr Gregory Victor Mckean, a 35-year-old Australian who was drinking alone. He had not provoked them.

The altercation was captured by CCTV camera inside the pub.

The police later arrested four of the accused. Two unknown accused persons remain at large.

All three victims received outpatient treatment at different hospitals.

In his oral mitigation, Mr Paul said that Suhaimi - who supports both his unemployed parents - did not start the fight.

His client has learnt his lesson and taken steps to address his drinking problem, Mr Paul said.

The last accused person, Muhammad Hasif Hassan, 21, has yet to be sentenced.

This article was first published on January 6, 2015.
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