Tired burglar caught napping in the attic

A tired burglar was nabbed by police when he was found napping in the attic of the house he had broken into, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Following a call from the occupants who returned after visiting relatives, police arrived at the house in Tambaram, about 50km from Chennai, on Wednesday morning and found the main door lock damaged. They were told that some gold ornaments had gone missing.

As the police were surveying the house, they heard snoring above their heads.

Together with the occupants, policemen went up to the attic and, to their surprise, saw a man sleeping there - with the fan on.

The intruder did not put up any resistance and identified himself as Kuppian, 36, of Anakaputhur.

Police said the man had had one too many drinks and decided to take a snooze when he felt too tired from wandering all night.