TNP readers rewarded for tip-offs

When you have survived a robbery, countless questions occupy your mind.

One Singaporean couple survived such an ordeal in Johor Baru on Oct 26 and felt that the robbers had used a new tactic to relieve them of RM6,000 (S$2,400).

To alert others to this, they called The New Paper hotline.

The couple, who wanted to be known only as Mr and Mrs Lim, were refuelling their car at a petrol station opposite Plaza Pelangi in JB when they were approached by two men, one of whom had a knife.

The men claimed Mr Lim owed them money and that they had recognised him through his car's licence plate number.

This led to a four-hour ordeal where the alleged robbers went after the couple in a high-speed chase through the streets in JB, then later drove them to various ATMs in the area before relieving them of RM6,000, an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The story was published last Thursday as the cover story.

Mr Lim, 35, who runs a car dealership, said: "I wanted people to know there is a new scam tactic in Johor.

Hopefully, now people who end up in the same situation would know it is a scam and know how to react."

Mr Lim felt that the published story was well-written, adding: "I never had the hotline number for the Johor police until TNP published the number. I will tell my friends about the number if they decide to go to JB in the future."

Mr Lim, who has read the paper every day for at least 17 years, said: "The sports section is good, but I always read the whole paper."


Mr JoeDzuanir Kammroon, 38, called TNP after his mother fell on an SBS bus, hitting her head against the bus door and fracturing her left hand.

His mother, Madam Rukiah Saibu, 67, was on SBS service 15 at around 7am on Oct 24 on her way to work at Temasek Polytechnic when the bus driver allegedly made a sharp right turn, causing her to lose her balance and fall off her seat.

The story was published last Tuesday.

Mr JoeDzuanir, a business development manager who has been an avid reader of the paper for many years, said: "I called TNP to tell them about the incident because many people read the paper.

"I wanted as many people as possible to take note and be sure to take care while on the bus."

Madam Rukiah went for a check-up last Wednesday, and was told by doctors that she needed an operation.

For having their stories published, these readers will be receiving $100 worth of Manhattan Fish Market vouchers and two T-shirts worth $60.

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