Trader denies sodomising stepdaughter

KUALA LUMPUR - A cafeteria operator pleaded not guilty in a Sessions Court here to sodomising, molesting and performing oral sex on his 15-year-old stepdaughter.

The 38-year-old man is accused of committing the offences in a cafetaria room in Cheras at 11.30pm on Dec 30 last year. He is alleged to have committed the same offences at a flat in Cheras at noon on Nov 15 last year.

The girl, who is now staying with her biological father, lodged a police report against him on Jan 10.

The accused, whose wife was present in the public gallery, calmly denied all six charges yesterday.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nadiah Malek Fauzie applied to the court to deny bail on the grounds that the girl was his stepdaughter and the prosecution was concerned that he might harass her.

Besides that, DPP Nadiah said, the offences were serious and involved heavy penalty.

The accused, appealing for bail, said: "I want to find money to defend my fate."

Sessions Court judge Zulqarnain Hassan denied bail, telling him: "This is because your six charges involved the same victim. Besides that, you have confirmed to me that she is your stepdaughter."