Traffic police officer crashes in chase, gets up and chases suspect on foot

A Traffic Police officer was reportedly injured after crashing his motorcycle while chasing an e-biker, but still got up to give chase to the suspect on foot.

The incident occurred on Nov 21, at about 8pm when TP officers were checking on e-bikes in Geylang Lorong 15.

That was when they allegedly gave chase to an e-biker. During the chase, one of the TP officers swerved to avoid hitting the biker, and crashed into a parked lorry.

While another officer continued chasing the biker, the injured officer got up and ran after the culprit.

A video and photos of the incident were shared on

A spokesperson from the Singapore Police Force told Stomp: "On 20 November 2015, a joint enforcement operation comprising officers from Traffic Police and LTA, was conducted at the vicinity of Geylang.

"During the operation, a motorcycle belonging to Traffic Police was involved in a minor accident and sustained damages. No injuries were reported."

The police added that investigations are ongoing.

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