Transport ministry more than MRT trains: Khaw

SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Transport (MOT) may have spent a lot of time on rail reliability and buses, but it will also focus on aviation and maritime sectors, Transport Minister Khaw Boon wan wrote in his blog on Monday (Nov 9).

Mr Khaw explained that these two sectors are significant in Singapore's economy. The aviation industry brings in 6 per cent of the economy and provides more than 160,000 jobs while the maritime industry contributes 7 per cent to the GDP and provides more than 170,000 jobs.

However, Mr Khaw highlighted that the slowing traffic growth at Changi Airport and alternative trade routes which bypass Singapore, are a pressing concern.

He said: "A little red dot in an unfriendly, fiercely competitive world, requires us to be highly focused on these strategic issues, or many Singaporeans will get hurt. How we negotiate these huge geopolitical challenges can be life-and-death to Singaporeans."

While Mr Khaw explained the focus of the ministry's portfolio, he also gave assurance that the public transport sector will not be neglected.

He said: "This is not an excuse for the next train disruption. We are doing our best to make our rail system even more reliable. I just hope to get Singaporeans' better understanding and moral support."