Trap leaves deep gash on dog, nearly penetrates its spine

Trap leaves deep gash on dog, nearly penetrates its spine

SINGAPORE - A dog was found on the verge of death after getting caught in a steel wire trap intentionally designed to dig deep into its flesh.

Activists from Animal lovers from Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) have taken to social media to condemn the use of such trapping methods, after they found the harshly wounded dog in Lim Chu Kang.

According to a Facebook post by ASD on Thursday (Feb 18), sightings of the dog near their Adoption and Rescue Centre (ARC) in Lim Chu Kang were first reported on Feb 7.

After many fruitless searches, the wounded canine was finally located by volunteers five days later. They named her Nami.

According to ASD, the steel wire wrapped around Nami had dug so deep into her skin that "it sheared her ribs and was mere centimetres from penetrating her spine."

"She smelled like rotting flesh. I tried to touch her as little as I could because I was so afraid of causing her more pain. It was really heartbreaking," said one of the rescuers.


Nami is currently recuperating at an animal clinic where she has since been treated for trauma, severe dehydration and loss of blood.

Such trapping methods are commonly used by professional trappers to catch multiple dogs simultaneously, ASD said, adding that they are also "designed to inflict maximum pain and torture on the wounded animal."

In its strongly worded post, ASD said that the rescue of Nami was "the last straw", and it plans to bring the matter up with the authorities.

"While this girl was lucky enough to have been rescued in time, who knows how many countless others have suffered the same fate and did not survive, perhaps dying a slow and agonising death alone in the forest?"

The rescue group believes that a litter of puppies it had previously rescued could have belonged to Nami. They play to reunite the dog with her puppies and partner when she is fully recovered.

The steel wire dug deep into her flesh. So deep, it sheared her ribs and was mere centimetres from penetrating her...

Posted by Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) on Thursday, February 18, 2016
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