Turned on? Switch it off first

A video featuring a rocking van and titled Make Love, Not Haze is the Singapore Environment Council's latest attempt to educate Singaporeans on air pollution.

There is a disclaimer: "Parental guidance advised."

The one-minute video uploaded on its Facebook page yesterday cheekily shows a van shaking violently in the middle of the night. A text message appears, explaining that tiny solid and liquid particles make up haze, and that vehicles produce 50 per cent of these particles.

It then shows a person's hand up on the van window, just like in the steamy car scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the 1997 movie Titanic.

It ends with the van's engine being switched off, the car rocking again, and the message to "make love, not haze".

Council chairman Jose Raymond said that the video is the most risque out of the three the council has done so far as part of a campaign.

The campaign aims to get people to understand environmental issues, and get them to do the right thing to protect the environment.

The videos are just part of a media campaign which has been going on for two weeks. They were done by a creative agency called Project Peanut. The first two videos focus on trash and food waste.

The last video on water management will be released next week, Mr Raymond said. The council will be promoting awareness about the environment for a year.

He said that it just wanted to get the message across.

"It's for people to realise that they are also partly responsible for the haze," he said.

He hopes that viewers find the video funny, have a laugh and stop leaving their vehicle engines running unnecessarily.


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