Turning 25? Get this survival guide

SINGAPORE - Worried about turning 25 years old, or how to navigate life after graduation?

You may want to pick up a booklet with survival tips to give you a hand.

To help young adults cope with quarter-life crisis, a group of students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has developed The Quarter-Life Survival Guide, a 24-page booklet with tips ranging from how to pay income tax and buy insurance, to whether buying a car is for you and how much to spend on a wedding.

The booklet was developed by four students - Ms Agnes Ho, 22; Ms Vinnie Quek, 22; Mr Chan Long Teng, 24; and Mr Shawn Choy, 24 - from NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information as part of their final-year project.

The project, which cost $23,000, is sponsored by partners including DBS Bank, the Health Promotion Board and National Youth Council. So far, 500 copies have been printed. The students plan to distribute them in restaurants and cafes like Lowercase Cafe, Food For Thought and Loysel's Toy in the coming weeks.

Ms Ho told MyPaper: "We decided to focus on this topic, the quarter-life crisis, for our project because all of us feel the same way. We're leaving a structured education system soon and we don't know what to do next."

They are not alone.

According to a survey the group conducted with 390 tertiary students in September, 80 per cent are concerned about their careers and finances, and two out of three are anxious about life after graduation.

The group did its research on the Internet and crunched down information on topics such as buying a house, wedding costs, paying off tuition fee loans and schemes like the Central Provident Fund.

Mr Chan said: "We asked ourselves what we would like to know, and we were surprised by some of the things we found out while doing our research. We hope that this would benefit others, too."

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