Tussle over $40 million assets: Widow and niece now helping police with investigations

The multi-millionaire widow who was allegedly manipulated into handing control of her assets to a former tour guide from China is now helping the police with investigations.

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Wealthy widow requests cancellation of ex-tour guide's LPA

My Paper, Sep 24, 2014

SINGAPORE - The 87-year-old widow in a tussle over control of her assets worth $40 million has asked the Office of the Public Guardian to cancel the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) which she has given to Yang Yin, a former tour guide from China.

The move came after a psychiatrist who examined Chung Khin Chun last week found that she has the mental capacity to revoke the LPA, despite suffering from dementia.

An LPA is a legal document that allows a person to appoint another person to make key decisions on personal welfare and financial matters, should the former lose the mental ability to do so.

The woman's niece, tour agency owner Hedy Mok, had earlier started court proceedings to revoke the LPA, accusing Mr Yang, 40, of manipulating her aunt and spending her wealth. Madam Chung's decision to revoke the LPA was announced by her lawyer, Eugene Thuraisingam, at a press briefing yesterday.

Madam Mok, 60, said she took action against Mr Yang to protect her aunt's interest. Should the LPA be revoked, she said: "I will work according to all (my aunt's) wishes - if everything goes to charity as originally planned, it will happen".