Two arrested in Canada over rape, cyber-bullying case

Two arrested in Canada over rape, cyber-bullying case

MONTREAL, Quebec - Canadian police on Thursday arrested two men as part of an investigation into the suicide of a 17-year-old girl who killed herself after suffering months of cyber-bullying following a sexual assault.

Nova Scotia teenager Rehtaeh Parsons died in April, in a case that gained nationwide and international media attention over the scourge of Internet bullying.

Parsons was believed to have been bullied mercilessly after being sexually abused by four boys at a drunken party in 2011.

Photographs of the abuse were reportedly circulated on the Internet and amongst her classmates.

Police last year decided not to press charges in the sexual assault allegations but came under renewed pressure to reopen the case after Parsons' death in April.

A brief statement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Thursday said two males had been arrested, but did not give further information.

"They are in police custody and are currently being questioned by investigators," a statement said. "No further information is being released at this time."

The arrests come one day after the adoption of a new anti-cyber-bullying law in Nova Scotia.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the apparent progress in the case, and vowed to review national laws on cyber-bullying.

"I just wanted to say how pleased we are that progress is being made," he said. "I hope this will provide some measure of comfort to the family members."

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