Two jailed for stealing from school

Two men were sentenced yesterday to each serve four months in jail after they pleaded guilty to stealing air-conditioning units from a school.

During the proceedings yesterday, defendants Hj Aziman Hj Tarsat, 29, and Mohammad Yusra Laidin, 34, admitted that they stole two air conditioners belonging to Little Star School on Oct 5.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Muhammad Aiman Adri Ahmad Zakria said that security guards were making their rounds when they spotted a dark-coloured Hyundai Getz car parked at the rear of the school.

The security guards drove their car closer to the area and asked Hj Aziman what he was doing, to which the defendant replied that they were taking away broken air-conditioners. Hj Aziman then put back the air conditioner and immediately went to a Hyundai Getz and then drove away.

The security guards were unaware that the defendants had already taken two air conditioners earlier being caught red-handed.

Hj Aziman had sold both air-conditioners to a scrap metal shop at Jalan Burong Pingai in Berakas.

The stolen items were later recovered by the police. Following the verdict yesterday, the presiding senior magistrate Dk Masni Pg Hj Bahar ordered both defendants to serve their jail sentences with effect from October 16.