Two men suspected of molest around Outram arrested

SINGAPORE - Two men have been arrested for two separate molestation cases around Outram.

In the first case, a 30-year-old man allegedly molested a 33-year-old woman while she was walking along a crowded walkway of Outram Park MRT station on June 1. She immediately informed the MRT staff who then called police for assistance. He was arrested on the same day at about 10.15pm.

In the second case, a 72-year-old man allegedly molested a 49-year-old woman while on board a public bus travelling along Outram Road on June 2. She immediately sought help from the Bus Captain who then alerted the police. He was arrested on the same day at about 2.05 pm.

Investigations into both cases are ongoing. Anyone convicted for the offence of Outrage of Modesty under Section 354(1) of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, shall be punished with an imprisonment term of up to two years and caning. Men aged 50 and above are not liable to be caned for offences that may warrant caning.