Two vessels collide near Pedra Branca, resulting in some oil spillage

SINGAPORE: A Libyan-registered oil tanker Alyarmouk collided with Singapore-registered bulk carrier Sinar Kapuas on Friday morning near Pedra Branca, said the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in a statement.

The incident occurred at 6am about 11 nautical miles north-east of Pedra Branca.

One of the cargo tanks of Alyarmouk sustained damage, resulting in some spillage of crude oil.

MPA said they have deployed a helicopter to assess the situation. Two oil spill response companies were subsequently activated to deploy four craft to combat the spill.

The ship managers of Alyarmouk estimated about 4,500 tonnes of Madura crude oil was spilled from the tanker.

Patches of oil may affect the northern parts of the island of Bintan because of weather conditions and tidal currents, said MPA in its second statement.

Malaysian and Indonesian authorities have also been notified. This is part of standard operating procedures for joint oil spill combat in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

Said MPA: "The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is also working closely with the Indonesian authorities in line with the standard operating procedure for joint oil spill combat in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, and has offered its assistance in the containment operations."

The two vessels involved in the collision are currently safely anchored and in stable condition.

MPA has issued navigational broadcasts for ships to navigate with caution when in the vicinity of the incident site.

No report of injury has been reported, and traffic in the port and the Strait of Singapore remains unaffected.

MPA said it is investigating the cause of the collision.