Two workers trapped in a gondola at Delta Sports Complex rescued by SCDF team

The workers are believed to have been conducting maintenance on the post at the complex along Tiong Bahru Road. The gondola was suspended about 10 storeys high, or about three quarters of the height of the post, when the gondola became lopsided. Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted to the incident at 1.30pm and it dispatched a rescue team to the scene.

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Here is the press release from SCDF in full:

At 1329 hrs, SCDF received a call informing that two men were trapped in a gondola that was stuck at a height of about 8 storeys. The two men were trapped while carrying out maintenance work for the stadium floodlight. SCDF resources were dispatched and arrived at site within 10 minutes.

Upon arrival, SCDF crew immediately deployed two safety life air packs below the gondola as a safety precautionary measure. Concurrently, SCDF crew also deployed an aerial appliance* to rescue the men.

Upon deploying the aerial appliance, SCDF crew first secured the two men with safety lines and harness before bringing them to safety into the rescue platform of the aerial appliance.

The aerial appliance encountered technical difficulty while it was being lowered to the ground. The two men were secured with safety harness and carabiner and were escorted by SCDF out of the platform and onto the ladder.

They were brought down to the ground safely. SCDF Paramedic at site assessed them as stable and they were conveyed to the Alexandra Hospital for further assessment at approximately 1530 hrs.