Uber driver who got lost while ferrying passenger is a S'pore PR, has been here for over 15 years

[Update Sept 27] Uber has confirmed that the driver who was recorded on video getting questioned by a passenger after losing his way is a permanent resident (PR) of Singapore who has been here for over 15 years.

He holds a Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational Licence (PDVL), which allows him to drive on Uber's ridesharing platforms.

According to the Land Transport Authority, Singapore permanent residents and foreign work pass holders need to be employees driving for a company or business proving chauffeured services.

Said a spokesman for Uber in response to a Stomp query over the video:

"We would like to confirm that the driver in the video is driving on the Uber network and is a permanent resident in Singapore.

"The driver-partner is a PR in Singapore for the last 15 years. He is integrated into our culture and society with his family and his kids attend local schools."

"Uber believes that everyone should have the opportunity to earn and drive on the network. According to PDVL regulations, all private-hire vehicle drivers who are Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreign Work Pass holders are able to drive as long as they are employees of a company or business providing chauffeured services.

"Uber takes such incidents seriously and we will take the necessary action, including deactivating a rider's or driver-partner's account should this incident be found to contravene our community guidelines.

"We would like to reiterate that Uber does not discriminate in facilitating flexible earning opportunities. Uber also reaffirms Singapore's multicultural society."

Original story:

A driver who had apparently just arrived in Singapore for a day was recorded on camera getting lost on the road while ferrying a passenger.

Stomp contributor Hadi alerted Stomp to the video of what happened that has been circulating online.

In the video, the passenger questioned the driver about his navigational skills as well as his country of origin. In their conversation, the passenger can be heard saying that the motorist is an Uber driver.

Here is their exchange:

Passenger: "Show me your PR (possibly referring to documents pertaining to permanent residence)."

Driver: "I don't need to show you."

Passenger: "You just came in to Singapore for a week?"

Driver: "At this age, I am 60 years (old). Look at me carefully, 60-year-old man."

Passenger: "You from Africa right?"

Driver: "Doesn't matter."

Passenger: "You come here for how long, one week or two weeks?"

Driver: "People come here from China, from India, from Malaysia, from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, everybody can come here."

Passenger: "Go Changi Airport direction, you go to Tuas direction."

Driver: "Doesn't matter."

Passenger: "How to use GPS?"

Driver: "This is driving, Singapore road is difficult, can make mistakes."

Passenger: "Difficult why (did) you come Singapore to drive Uber?"

Driver: "I didn't come here to drive Uber. I set up two companies here. I am already retired."

Passenger: "Now you going where? You know where you are going now? Now you go back to Bukit Batok? You need to go by Changi direction, you go (in the) wrong direction again, just now never make U-turn. You already wrong few times, come on. You keep going the wrong direction you say you come Singapore for so long. You just come for two days only I think."

Driver: "Ok, I am here yesterday."

Passenger: "You come yesterday? Ok good."

The video then ends after that.

According to Uber's website, drivers who wish to apply with the ride-hailing company must be a Singaporean or permanent resident, and must have a minimum of two years of driving experience.