Updated IC should look different

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority is considering letting Singaporeans and permanent residents update and replace their identity cards a second time when they are older ("ICA to consider 2nd update of ICs"; last Friday).

Currently, ICs are issued when one is at age 15, and again at age 30, to reflect changes in the cardholder's physical appearance.

If the ICA does carry out a second IC update, I suggest it be done when one reaches the age of 60, as one's appearance would have changed significantly by then.

The updated card should be in a different colour, or have a coloured strip or border to distinguish it from the standard IC. It should also sport larger fonts to improve readability for older citizens.

A different-looking card will help identify older people during medical emergencies. It will also come in handy for merchants that offer discounts for seniors, and let cardholders join separate queues at government agencies or banks.

Benjamin Goh

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