US man kills infant son to keep playing video games

A Florida man allegedly suffocated his crying 16-month-old son so that he could focus on his video games.

Cody Wygant, 24, who is unemployed, is charged with the murder of Daymeon Wygant and child neglect, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Early Thursday morning, Wygant was playing video games when Daymeon began crying, officials said.

According to the court affidavit, Wygant said that at about 1am, he smothered the boy for three to four minutes until the child appeared "exhausted" and "lethargic".

He then put Daymeon in a playpen and covered him with bedding in a way that the child could not get fresh air.

Wygant told officials that he played video games and watched TV for about five hours before checking on his son, who by then was unresponsive. Wygant had recently moved to Florida from California, where he had a rap sheet of charges including trespassing and sexual assault.


This article was published on April 20 in The New Paper.

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