Victim's girlfriend: 'I could see the bone'

She had just returned from the toilet when she was confronted by a bloody sight.

Her boyfriend, who was being restrained by his friends, was bleeding from his neck and face.

"His injuries were very serious. I could see the bone in the wound on his cheek," said the woman, who wanted to be known only as Miss Su, 28, a cleaner.

Across from him, a man carrying a chopper was being similarly held back by other men.

The incident happened at a coffee shop at Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3 on Sunday evening.

Miss Su said she had gone there with her boyfriend, Mr Kamis, 53, a fellow cleaner, and several friends to relax and have a few drinks.

According to her, the alleged attacker was seated at one of the other tables.

Miss Su said she recognised him as someone whom her boyfriend had told off a few days earlier.

"Then, he was making a lot of noise at the coffee shop. My boyfriend had gone up to him and asked him not to make noise because he was disturbing the other customers," she said.

She claimed the man decided to attack her boyfriend when he saw him again on Sunday.

"When he saw us, he left and came back with a chopper," she said.

He approached Mr Kamis with the chopper and slashed him, she said. Mr Kamis' friends intervened and separated the men.

Fortunately, there were also police officers nearby, Miss Su said.

A police spokesman said they were alerted to the incident at about 7pm.

They arrested the alleged attacker, 64, at the scene.

The chopper, believed to have been used in the attack, was also seized.


Both men are known to each other.

The police said the victim was conscious when he was taken to hospital with injuries to his face and neck.

Miss Su said her boyfriend underwent an operation at about 1am yesterday at the National University Hospital. She has yet to hear from him since.

"It's very hard for me. I'm very angry as (this attack) is not fair to my boyfriend. He's not a violent person and someone who always helps others," she said.

When The New Paper visited the coffee shop yesterday, most of the stall holders declined comment.

One stall owner, however, said his business was affected that night.

"I didn't see anything because I was busy working. All I noticed were policemen running to the scene.

"But customers got scared off by the fight. Our business wasn't very good (on Sunday night)," he said.

The attacker will be charged in court today for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon, police said.

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