Video: Boy riding scooter recklessly nearly hit by car in Sengkang

SINGAPORE - A boy was lucky to escape unharmed after he was nearly hit by a car when riding his kick scooter recklessly on the road.

The incident, which occurred along Anchorvale Link in Sengkang on Saturday, was recorded by a camera in the car.

The driver sent the footage to citizen journalism website Stomp.

In the 15-second video, the boy, who was in a blue T-shirt and shorts, could be seen riding his kick scooter on the left side of a two-lane road.

As the car approached, the boy suddenly veered towards the right and attempted to cross the road without checking traffic conditions behind him.

His sudden swerve forced the driver to apply his emergency brakes to avoid a collision.

The driver, Mr Leng, told Stomp that he had used the emergency handbrake in his car to avoid hitting the boy.

"I hope all parents of young children can share and learn from this video footage. I was very concerned about his road safety awareness and wish to talk to his parents," he said.

The incident is not the first "near-miss" to have been captured on video. Last year, a small toddler shocked motorists when he dashed onto the road at a busy traffic junction. The child was fortunate that the drivers were alert and managed to stop their cars just in time.