Video: Motorcyclist thrown off bike in accident at South Bridge cross junction

Update at 12.51pm on Jan 31: The 34-year-old driver of the car is suspected of drink driving has been arrested.

SINGAPORE - A motorcyclist was thrown off his bike after a car rammed into it at a traffic junction along South Bridge Road on Friday afternoon.

The heart-stopping moment was caught on video by a dashboard camera mounted in a car behind.

The video, which was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp, shows the motorcyclist at the cross junction of South Bridge Road and Pickering Street. The light had just turned green when the motorcycle moved forward.

Just then, a red sedan darted out from the left and rammed into the motorcycle, causing its rider to be thrown off. The man lay motionless on the ground for a few seconds but began to move his limbs shortly after.

It is unclear if the driver of the red car stopped the car to render assistance.