Video shows parkour group performing stunts around Singapore HDB block

Thrill-seeking sports and activities are not exactly the most common type of activities conducted in Singapore.

But a hair-raising point-of-view video shot by a group of parkour practitioners performing such stunts has been gaining the attention of Singaporeans online.

The two-minute clip shared online by London-based parkour group Storm Freerunning is a first-person perspective of two men leaping over walls and stairway railings at what appears to be an estate with HDB blocks and a playground.

Near the end of the video, one of the practitioners even appears to jump over the wall from the second storey of a block onto the ground.

The video only mentions that the pair are in Asia, but many netizens on the page identified Singapore as the location based on the distinctive blocks of flats seen in the background.

One commenter even identified the location as being in Bishan.

The video, which was posted onto Facebook last week, has been viewed over 300,000 times.

Parkour, which originated in France, is a sport that involves moving rapidly around urban obstacles using a combination of running, jumping as well as gymnastic rolls and vaults.

The sport is growing in popularity here, with an estimated 300 practitioners, The Straits Times reported. And despite the extreme stunts and breathtaking jumps performed in parkour, many local instructors have defended the sport's safety and explained that high-level stunts are only performed by practitioners who have undergone years of training.