Video shows Vietnamese man kneeling and begging in Sim Lim shop

A video has been circulating online showing a Vietnamese tourist kneeling down and begging for a refund at the Sim Lim Square shop making headlines recently, Mobile Air.

In the video, which was sent in by a contributor to Stomp, a man, presumably the shopkeeper, is heard asking the tourist how he is "going to settle (his) money".

In tears, the tourist said, "I don't know. I borrowed (from) my friend, so I want to give (it) back to my friend, you know?"

He then bowed his head to the ground, looking helplessly around. He did this twice before standing up.

In an email to the citizen journalism site, the contributor wrote: "Here is the video of the Vietnamese tourist kneeling down and begging at the shop. I hope you can post it on Stomp to show people what Mobile Air is doing to tourists."

Mobile Air spurred the outrage of netizens previously, with news of the shop refunding another tourist, a female Chinese national, $1,010 in 5 and 10-cent coins.

The internet is also currently abuzz with stories of scam cases in Sim Lim Square, with The High Court of Singapore granting a permanent injunction against another shop there, Cyber Maestro Pte Ltd, prohibiting its employees and agents from engaging in several unfair practices under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act.

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