Wanted: Homes for 18 former military working dogs

THE Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is seeking adopters for 18 of its military working dogs which have retired from service.

The 18 dogs are on average 11 years old. There are eight labrador retrievers, four springer spaniels, three golden retrievers, and one each from the German shepherd, English pointer and Belgian malinois breeds.

The SAF military working dog unit (MWDU) stated in the offer - posted on Tuesday in the SAF's Cyberpioneer Facebook page - that the dogs have undergone "basic obedience training".

They also "have had their health checks done by in-house veterinarians".

Potential adopters will have their homes screened by a dog trainer to ensure appropriate living conditions for their new pet, said the post.

It provides a link to a Housing Board site which names the types of dogs that can be kept in a public flat.

The MWDU stressed that the SAF would "continue to take care of the dogs till their last day" if they could not find adopters.

The dogs' pictures in the post had attracted more than 100 likes each from dog lovers as of yesterday.

A nine-year-old female labrador retriever was the most favoured, followed by the German shepherd.


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