Watch out for suspicious motorcyclists in M'sia

Watch out for suspicious motorcyclists in M'sia

MALAYSIA - Keep an eye out for suspicious motorcyclists. Two Malaysians gave this piece of advice to those travelling to or living in Malaysia, as many crimes are committed by crooks on motorbikes.

Mr Jeremy Yeo, 55, who lives in Johor Baru, said: "Shootings, robberies, they are often done on motorbikes. It's easier to get away."As an old-timer, I'm quite careful and used to the situation. I can sense the places criminals will target, and how.We are careful when we visit the banks, or when we get out of our cars."

Another Malaysian, Mr Kevin Lee, 29, said his family is about to move into a condominium after three men, armed with two parangs, burst into their house and robbed them last year.

"Unless a landed property is gated, it's not safe," said the marketing manager, who is a Singapore permanent resident.

He added that their house had been burgled four times in 20 years.

The family are now careful with their wealth. They avoid buying expensive items and opt instead for low-key cars or handbags.


And they take the necessary precautions.

Said Mr Lee: "When going in and out of the house, we make sure no one is following us. And if we're driving and see motorcyclists heading our way, we take note of them."

Singaporean driving instructor Mohd Khirwan, 41, also tries to keep a low profile when driving into Malaysia.

He goes there once a year, usually staying three to five days.

He always parks his car head-first and turns his tyres to one side so the car can't be towed away. He also uses a steering wheel lock.

But the three men were not so concerned with the surge in shooting in Malaysia.

"These seem to be contract killers with specific targets in mind. But for other crimes like carjacking, snatch theft, everyone is a potential target and sometimes I'm worried. So far though, it has not been a problem," Mr Mohd Khirwan said.

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