We need more parks, not more carparks

We need more parks, not more carparks

SINGAPORE - I agree with Professor Kishore Mahbubani that we "do not need many more physical roads or much more physical road space in Singapore", and should "reduce the demand for more cars" ("Fewer cars, fewer roads"; last Saturday).

Singapore should have more green parks and not more roads, expressways and carparks.

Any tweak to the certificate of entitlement system cannot appease everyone. In fact, Singaporeans should stop dreaming about owning cars.

Driving in Singapore has become a nightmare and taking public transport is frustrating.

What the Government should do is reward those who take public transport.

It can further increase road taxes, parking fees and Electronic Road Pricing charges, and use the revenue collected to subsidise public transport fares.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) could create bus lanes on all roads and expressways, so that buses are not caught in frequent traffic jams, which is often the case now.

When public transport is convenient, affordable and reliable, more car owners may be willing to ditch their vehicles and make the switch.

The LTA should also look into improving car-sharing schemes and put more taxis on the road.

Cemeteries, parks and other green spaces should not have to make way for more roads.

Lim Hock Chye

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