What I want, no, need for Christmas

What I want, no, need for Christmas
Benjamin Kheng has played roles such as Dick Lee in National Broadway Company, staged by TheatreWorks. He is among the crop of young Singapore actors who are making their mark on the local theatre scene. Talented and versatile, they have appeared in big musicals and blockbuster plays, taking the spotlight in venues as varied as intimate black box spaces as well as the Esplanade Theatre.


Actor and singer of indie folk band The Sam Willows, 24, single

What I want: "I would love a thoughtful selection of novels. I'm a big fan of crime writers such as Dennis Lehane and Jeffery Deaver and, recently, I've been getting into local writers such as playwright Alfian Sa'at. I've been a little too busy and haven't prioritised time to go sourcing for a good read, but once I have a great story in front of me, I'm sure I'll make time for it. You need to feed the soul once in a while."

What I need: "I am in need of two things. One is new recording gear for my makeshift home studio - I'm looking for a few new MIDI controllers which operate software sounds, effectively acting as the mouthpiece to any sound in the world. The other is an awesome holiday to some remote part of the world such as the Swiss Alps or Nepal. Again, I haven't gotten around to these things due to a lack of time, but I've made a concerted effort to clear the schedule in the next few months."

What I'll get: "My bandmate Jon (Jonathan Chua) will probably end up getting me our favourite PlayStation 4 game, a basketball game called NBA 2K15. It's an awesome gift, but also very bad for me because I then would have to buy a PlayStation 4."


Chua Jin Sen, alias Dr Jiajia, eight, primary school student and YouTube personality

What I want: "I want to go for an overseas trip where I can play with snow. I would like to go to Canada. I've never seen snow, I like cold weather and it would be a different experience for me.

What I need: I am a slow reader, so I need a machine or something that can speed up my reading. At school, I need a lot of time to do my work, so if my reading speed improves, studying will be easier and I will have more time to do other things.

What I'll get: I think I will get Lego toys because everyone knows I have been a Lego fan since young. Maybe I'll get a Nerf gun. It's most likely that my parents and big brother will give me these gifts."


National swimmer, 25, single

What I want: "I don't lack anything, so there's nothing I want. I will be happy with any gift.

"I'm back in my hometown in Hubei, China. I will be celebrating Christmas with my friends by going out and we will also be exchanging gifts with one another."

What I need: "I need a pair of boots because it's getting chilly here in China now. I don't own a pair. Besides getting me through this wintry season, the boots will keep my feet warm, especially when I go to colder countries overseas to compete."

What I'll get: "I don't know, I could get anything. I received a small Christmas tree from a friend last year that came complete with baubles and ornaments and lights. I did tell a good friend that I need boots. Maybe she will get them for me." 

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