What's your IQ?

The IQ test that Aidan took is called the Stanford- Binet Intelligence Scales, which is in its fifth edition.

In Singapore, the cost of an IQ test, typically administered by a registered psychologist, starts at $600, says a spokesman at Gifted Academy, a centre providing such tests here.

"SB-5 is frequently used as part of a battery of assessments to help diagnose developmental disabilities as well as giftedness," says Ms Cheryl Chia, founder and director of BrainFit Studio, which provides mental fitness training.

"The test evaluates key areas of cognitive performance, including quantitative reasoning and visual-spatial processing, among others."

Those who wish to join Mensa can either sit for the Mensa Singapore Admissions Test (MSAT) or take a recognised IQ test administered by a qualified psychologist here, before submitting the results to Mensa for consideration, says a spokesman for Mensa Singapore.

The MSAT is restricted to those who are 14 years old and above, which means that children below the minimum age will have to be tested at a private testing centre of their choice.

Mensa membership is for life, adds the spokesman.

"Once a person has been admitted into Mensa, he does not have to retake any IQ tests in order to continually justify his membership in the society, although he has to keep up with paying of membership fees," he points out.

Currently, there are more than 900 members in Mensa Singapore, a fraction of the 100,000 in about 100 countries all over the world.

The age of the youngest Mensa member here is a mere four years old, with the oldest at 75 years old.

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