When happiness takes a back seat...

I agree with Ms Maria Loh Mun Foong that money does not buy happiness and wealth has a declining marginal utility ("Money, indeed, does not buy happiness"; last Monday).

At the same time, we have to strike a balance between the country's interest (which is ultimately Singaporeans' interest) and personal preference.

When our economy is thriving and good jobs are available, Singaporeans have many choices and opportunities at their doorsteps.

But when our economy is stagnant or investors no longer find us an attractive place to invest in, then jobs will be scarce.

Finding a job will then be the most important activity and, needless to say, all other activities that lead to happiness will have to take a back seat.

Our future will be bleak and the morale of Singaporeans will go down. It is always better to have a choice than be left with no choice.

Sim Hsin Loong

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