When parents and children fight over money

Dad keeps quiet to avoid shaming kids

An 82-year-old man went to the Singapore Buddhist Lodge for free meals, because he got a total of $200 a month from his four grown children.

Despite his plight, he declined to name his children or apply to the courts under the Maintenance of Parents Act in order to compel them to support him. His reason? He did not want to bring shame to his family.

The report was published in The New Paper in August 2009.

Tribunal rules for kid to give more cash

A 66-year-old mother approached the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents (TMP) for an increase in monthly allowance from her children.

She wanted her son, a 36-year-old financial advisor, to give her $650 a month, up from the $400 a month he had been giving her.

She also wanted her daughter, in her late 40s, to pay her $400 a month, up from $200. In the end, the tribunal allowed the financial adviser to continue paying his mother $400 a month, after he showed that he had been transferring that amount into her bank account every month.

His sister was ordered to increase the monthly allowance to $400 a month.

This report was published in The New Paper in August 2009.

Spendthrift son neglects mum

A lawyer rejected his mother's pleas to support her, but went on overseas holidays and ate at expensive restaurants.

The example was cited in Parliament in November 2010 by now Speaker of Parliament and MP for Jurong GRC Madam Halimah Yacob.

Madam Halimah said in Malay: "The son was earning thousands of dollars but was unwilling to take care of his family."

She added: "Should such a child be allowed to run away from his responsibilities?"

Mum needed rations, son not contactable A woman who was in the rag and bone (karang guni) trade sought food rations and financial support regularly from her grassroots leaders. Her son could not be contacted by phone, said Member of Parliament Ms Denise Phua, who took care of Jalan Besar GRC then.

The example was also cited in Parliament in November 2010.

Man approached TMP to get siblings to help support dad

A man who was earning $2,000 a month filed an application to the TMP in a bid to get his five siblings to contribute towards his father's medical bills.

His 87-year-old father, who was receiving a monthly pension of $700, had been hospitalised since December 2010.

He claimed that his salary, in addition to this father's pension, was not enough to foot his medical bills, which came up to thousands of dollars.

This report was published in The New Paper in February 2011.

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