White Dragon King told Ng Boon Gay not to worry about sex scandal

SINGAPORE -Former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay consulted White Dragon King five or six times during his sex-for-contracts trials, Shin Min reported.

The Thai mystic, who passed away last month, had told Ng: "You will be fine."

News of the White Dragon King Chow Yam Nam's passing prompted Mr and Mrs Ng Boon Gay to send a condolence wreath to his family.

According to a report in Shin Min Daily News, reporters followed up and found the Singapore man who had brought Ng to visit the late Chinese mystic, who was based in Thailand.

The man told the evening paper that he had known Ng for many years, and that he had been a follower of White Dragon King for many years.

He also revealed that in the 18 months that Ng Boon Gay was suspected of corruption, Ng had paid the mystic five or six visits.

From the beginning of the investigations, Ng asked him to set up a meeting with the mystic regarding his case.

Ng also returned many times to the temple, requesting that the mystic advise him on the right course of action, said the man.

"As I had introduced them, Ng did not need to wait for his turn to see White Dragon King like other people; he could see him directly," the man told Shin Min reporters.

Ng also brought his wife with him each time, said the man, who said the couple visited the mystic separately.

Ng had casually told him that White Dragon King said he would be fine and those words put him at ease.

In February, the former CNB chief was acquitted of corruptly obtaining sexual favours from Ms Cecilia Sue four times in 2011 in exchange for furthering the business interests of her employers.

 Chinese text from Omy.sg: