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'Who approved this?' Netizens, cylists baffled by 'intermittent' bike path in Pasir Ris

'Who approved this?' Netizens, cylists baffled by 'intermittent' bike path in Pasir Ris
These short strips of cycling path have left netizens and cyclists confused.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Roy Chiang

One man's cycling path is another man's obstacle course — at least, that's what netizens feel this bike path in Pasir Ris could be used for.

A confusingly 'intermittent' and short cycling path along Block 626 Pasir Ris Drive 3 has netizens second-guessing the use of said path, following a post by Facebook user Roy Chiang. Chiang had published a video of the route on Facebook group SG PCN Cyclist on Monday (May 20).

In the clip, Chiang cycles on the pedestrian walkway, showing the cycling path to his left — a section of which is abruptly cut off by a staircase. The path continues on the other side for a short distance before it's mind-bogglingly walled up at the end.

The cherry on top? The cycling paths have just enough space for warning signs on the pavement, indicating that riders should slow down when tackling the trail, should they feel the need to.

"While most paths built are [perfect], there are some like these... why even bother repaving the path?" Chiang wrote on his video.

Netizens were similarly baffled by this cycling path, unable to find the use of it.

"Who designed and who approved this?" One user asked.

Another commented: "This is actually a very stupid design. If you have no space to build a proper [path], then don't build."

Some users also poked fun at the pathway, throwing out guesses in jest as to what it could be used for.

A few users jokingly suggested that cyclists should "jump" or "bunny hop" across one strip to the next, with some even saying that the path could be an "obstacle course".

"You must have very good skills to ride from one spot to another," said a netizen.

Another quipped: "Life is not always a straight path."

'Senseless and ridiculous'

This Pasir Ris pathway may not be the only confusing one in Singapore, however — some netizens also claimed to have seen other cycling paths that are similarly befuddling.

One user claimed a similar path exists in Sembawang where the cycling path is on the interior of the walkway, while the pedestrian path is closer to the road.

"There was another similar cycling path near Block 535 Pasir Ris Drive 1," another user said. "Luckily it's no more because of the MRT construction there. It was such a senseless and ridiculous design that nobody actually cycled [there]."

AsiaOne has reached out to Chiang and Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council for more information.

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