Why is underage sex a crime

SINGAPORE - District Judge Low Wee Ping on Wednesday noted that some Singaporeans had been wondering at the rationale behind considering acts of commercial sex with an underage girl an offence.

"Some persons have the misconception. They feel these are private offences and question as to why custodial sentences have been imposed," he said.

"Now, I hope you understand... (the background facts) are horrendous.

"They, in fact, disclose how international trafficking of minors for the purpose of prostitution operates."

Addressing one of the accused, Ng Chak Song, Judge Low said: "I hope you will agree with me, it's really heartbreaking to hear of such information on her background and how she came to be a prostitute.

"I hope you will understand why our legal and judicial systems take a serious view of these offences. They are not private acts committed by offenders like you.

"...In fact, she was here because of international trafficking of minors for the purpose of prostitution. Unless offenders like you understand that, there will always be a demand for such deplorable international trafficking of minors for prostitution."

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