Widow to get $6,000 a month from Yang Yin's frozen assets

SINGAPORE - Wealthy widow Chung Khin Chun, the woman in the centre of a legal tussle with former China tour guide Yang Yin, has been granted permission to withdraw $6,000 monthly from Yang's frozen assets.

According to lawyer Peter Doraisamy, who is representing Madam Chung's niece Hedy Mok, Yang did not object to Madam Mok's application to withdraw the money, which is meant for Madam Chung's daily expenses.

Lianhe Zaobao said in a report that the High Court has approved the application.

Madam Mok, 61, sued 40-year-old Yang last year, claiming that the China national manipulated her 88-year-old aunt into handing over her assets - estimated to be worth about $40 million - to him. Madam Mok successfully applied to freeze his assets in August last year.

As Yang is currently facing criminal charges too, it is understood that Madam Mok now has to apply to the Magistrates' Court for approval to withdraw the money, Lianhe Zaobao said.

The High Court yesterday also approved a request by Madam Mok to stop Yang from liquidating his life insurance policies, the Chinese daily said.

Madam Mok is appealing against a High Court ruling allowing Yang to liquidate two policies, worth about $98,000, to pay legal fees. The case is scheduled to be heard in the Court of Appeals in February.

Madam Mok's civil suit against Yang is scheduled to be heard in court in March. Yang is currently in remand because of criminal charges.