Woman and lover held for killing hubby


A MARRIED woman and her boyfriend were arrested in Tamil Nadu for killing her husband with a poison normally used to cull stray dogs, Tamil dailies reported.

The victim had felt dizzy while returning home on Monday.

He went to a nearby clinic to seek treatment, but felt worse the next day. He was transferred to a hospital, where he later died.

He claimed that he had felt someone prick him with a needle the day before, which proved to be true when needle marks were found on his back during the post-mortem.

Police questioned the man's wife, who confessed that her husband had found out about her three-year affair with a younger man.

After being scolded over the affair, she conspired with her lover to kill her husband.

Her boyfriend, who worked for the local council's stray animal control division, obtained the poison and injected the victim with it.