Woman arrested for stealing cosmetics

Photo of some of the items recovered.

SINGAPORE - A 38-year-old woman was arrested for stealing cosmetics. She is believed to have taken items from a shop in a mall at Jurong East.

The shop had reported that branded cosmetics had been stolen on Jan 16 and Feb 14. The total value was around $400.

Police arrested the female suspect at Cecil Street on Feb 20 at 3pm. An assortment of cosmetics and purses worth around $1,200, believed to have been stolen, were recovered from her residence. She is believed to be responsible for at least five other cases of shop theft at the mall.

The woman will be charged for the offence of Theft in Dwelling under Section 380 of the Penal Code, which is punishable with an imprisonment term of up to seven years, and a fine.

Retailers are urged to take the following preventive measures against shop theft:

1) Display expensive items in locked display shelves which are only accessible by the staff;

2) Avoid displaying expensive items near the store's entry and exit points. They should be placed at strategic locations where they can be monitored by staff or placed under CCTV surveillance. Use empty boxes and cans for expensive items placed near the entry and exit points;

3) Enhance the store's security system by installing CCTVs and convex mirrors. Ensure that the cameras are in good working condition;

4)Use an electronic tagging system;

5) Display advisory signage or warnings against shop theft; and Advise all staff to be observant and vigilant.