Woman charged in court for cheating & forgery of documents

SINGAPORE - A 43-year-old woman was charged in court today (Aug 15) for forgery and cheating offences.

In a statement to the media, police said that the woman is believed to have given a victim a forged letter supposedly issued by a timeshare company in a ruse to convince the victim that the company would make a payout, if an administrative fee is paid.

The suspect is also believed to be involved in another case in which she apparently used documents issued by the Supreme Court and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to deceive a 59-year-old victim of $1,500 on Aug 6, 2015. The documents are believed to be forged.

The woman faces a sentence of up to 10 years' imprisonment and fine, if convicted. 

Director Commercial Affairs Department, Mr David Chew, said victims of such schemes are advised to be wary of persons who solicit payment of administrative fees to recover their investments.

"Where such persons purport to be government officials or produce documents purportedly issued by government agencies to support their request, please make a police report," he added.