Woman does good deed, gets defamed, files police report, gets apology

Heard of the saying "don't assume because it makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me'"? This man sure feels like one after he falsely accused a woman of being a kidnapper.

Last Saturday (July 15), a Facebook user named David Voo had posted a photo of a woman, who was later identified as Mdm Zhou, warning others to "beware of this lady".

Photo: Facebook/ Mdm Zhou
Photo: Facebook/ Mdm Zhou

The incident happened at around 1pm that day in front of an iStudio store in Compass One, a shopping mall in Sengkang.

Inferring from the Facebook post, Mr Voo had thought that Mdm Zhou was attempting to bring a toddler away from her parent, who was shouting the child's name anxiously.

However, it was revealed that Mr Voo's story was based on his own assumptions, as Mdm Zhou, who found out about the Facebook post later that afternoon, made a police report on July 17 stating that it was a false accusation.

Mdm Zhou made a police report on July 17, explaining what had actually happened.
Photo: Facebook/ Mdm Zhou

In the report, Mdm Zhou clarified that she had found the Chinese toddler, who appears to be about three or four years' old, alone and crying.

While passersby suggested that she take the toddler to the mall's information counter, a woman emerged from the iStudio store, shouting at the child by her name. 

Revealing that she only had good intentions to help the toddler find her parents, Mdm Zhou was "deeply hurt" by the false accusation made by Mr Voo and demanded an apology.

Photo: Facebook/ Mdm Zhou

As of July 19, Mr Voo had deleted his Facebook post with the false accusation, and apologised to Mdm Zhou in a private message, according to his comment on Mdm Zhou's post.

Netizens who have viewed Mdm Zhou's post were mostly supportive with some hoping that she would forgive Mr Voo's mistake, and others suggesting her to pursue the case in court for defamation.

Now that's a lesson learnt - you shouldn't assume things based on your sole perspective.