Woman gets love rival fired over nude photos

SINGAPORE - Upset that her boyfriend's family preferred his former girlfriend, Siti Nurazlin Samat came up with an elaborate ploy to besmirch her rival's reputation.

First, she tricked the former girlfriend, who was a co-curriculum programme executive at a secondary school, into an intimate online relationship.

Then, pretending to be a concerned parent, she sent nude pictures of the 24-year-old woman to the school principal, resulting in the woman getting sacked.

on Mondayy, Siti Nurazlin, 28, pleaded guilty to providing false information to a public servant.

The remote equipment specialist with port operator PSA Singapore will be sentenced next week after her lawyer requested time to prepare a mitigation plea.

Siti Nurazlin got to know her fiance in February 2010, but it seemed to her that his family would rather see him with his former girlfriend.

So, she secretly got the school executive's telephone number from his mobile phone.

After setting up fake e-mail and Facebook accounts, she assumed the identity of a 24-year-old police officer.

Using the made-up identity, she managed to engage the school executive in an online relationship. Some time in May 2011, she persuaded her to send 10 nude pictures of herself.

Then in November that year, Siti Nurazlin, pretending to be the officer's pregnant girlfriend, met the school executive and told her to stop communicating with him.

A month later, she sent a typewritten letter with four of the pictures to the principal of the secondary school where her love rival worked. She claimed she found the lewd pictures in the mathematics book of her "son", and said the school executive had given him the pictures herself.

She insinuated that there may have been incidents of sexual abuse or inappropriate behaviour within the school.

She also threatened to report the matter to higher authorities if the school executive was not "laid off".

In January last year, the victim, who is now working in an administrative job, reported to police that an unidentified person had been circulating naked pictures of her.

Investigations then revealed Siti Nurazlin's involvement.

For providing false information to a public servant, she could be jailed for up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both.

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