Woman hits man with measuring tape and hanger in Chinatown scuffle

A viral video shows a woman hitting another woman and a man with a container, hanger and even measuring tape during a scuffle which occurred at Chinatown Complex.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by user Valin Vu on Dec 7, who stated that the woman in the blue top was attacking the woman in the white top.

The video description also stated that the man in the orange t-shirt tried to stop her, but was also hit during the exchange.

During the scuffle, the woman in the blue top is seen throwing mannequins, hangers, water containers and plastic chairs.

She also shoved the clothes racks there, all the while having a verbal argument with the other woman and man.

The unruly woman was accompanied by a man, who is seen at the start of the clip as trading blows with the man in the orange t-shirt.

For the rest of the clip, he is trying to hold back the woman in the blue top from assaulting others.

But he is also seen yelling at the other two people for the duration of the video.

At the end of the clip, the man in the orange T-shirt is seen calling someone about the incident, and also informs them that he is bleeding due to the assault.

Throughout the video, the person who was filming it can be heard telling the man wearing the orange T-shirt to not fight with the other man and woman.

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