Woman hurls vulgarities at MRT staff, threatens to 'sack' them

A woman was caught on camera shouting loudly at MRT staff members, even threatening to "sack" all of them.

This video was shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff on Feb 23.

It is unclear what exactly sparked the argument, although the woman was heard saying that she was stopped for drinking water in the MRT station.

Other commuters stared at the heated exchange, while the female commuter shouts at the top of her voice.

Spewing vulgarities, she demanded: "Say sorry first! Or else I will sack all of you!

"I'll complain to the Ministry of Transport! Give me all your names! F*** you"

As they try to calm her down, one SMRT staff member then shouts back: "You think only you can shout?"

Some netizens have commented that the SMRT staff member should have remained professional and not shouted.

Others felt that the "unreasonable" woman had "crossed the line", that "customers are not always right" and thus it was understandable for staff to lose his cool.

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